Master Recurring Revenue Toolkit

Hidden Depth
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  1. Guides
    Understand the different recurring revenue models and the recurring services that compliment web design.
  2. Expertise
    What are you good at or knowledgeable about?
  3. Discover a need
    What do people need help with?
  4. Costs
    Understand how much it costs to deliver your service.
  5. Goals
    Revenue. Frequency. Deadline.
  6. Pricing for profit
    Do the numbers add up?
  7. Billing made easy
    Make it simple for everyone
  8. Choose an audience
    The right offer, for the right person
  9. Marketing
    Let them know this amazing thing exists.
  10. Tracking progress
    Are we moving the needle forward?

You'll get

30-page guidebook
Revenue Tracker
Revenue Tracker
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